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Have a quick math question?

Can’t make it to campus to utilize one of our on-campus Student Services?

Then contact SSC’s new…

Virtual Math Assistant!!!!!!

Through SSC’s new Virtual Math Assistant program, you can get your Math questions answered in an online format, without having to come to campus.  This service is especially helpful when you have a quick question on a math concept.

SSC’s Virtual Math Assistant is a new service offered by the college, which allows students enrolled in developmental math courses, to get help with your quick Math questions via email or by logging into the virtual classroom.

How to access the Virtual Math Assistant via email

  • If you have a quick math question that you would like the Virtual Math Assistant to answer, you can send it via email.
  • Send your email to virtualmath@ssc.edu. In the subject line of the email, state your name and course number. (Example:  Tom Brown Math 093-112).  Be sure to include the course number and section number.
  • Type in the problem that you would like assistance with. Also, if from a text book, reference the book, chapter, page number and exercise number.
  • The Virtual Math Assistant will respond to your email within 24 hours of receipt.
  • If your email is sent on Friday after 6 pm, your email will not be responded to until Monday by 6 pm.

How  to access the virtual Math Assistant in the Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Math Assistant is available in the Virtual Classroom on Tuesday evenings from 9pm – 10pm. Click the following link to get help in the Virtual Classroom:


Here, in the Virtual Classroom, the assistant will work with you on a whiteboard, explaining problems, just like you were in a class. Click on the above link to check it out.


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